5 Alternative VoIP Software For Gamers

There was a time when gaming with friends meant sharing a sofa and owning multiple controllers. Now, though, you can easily game with friends that are in their own homes, and sometimes even hundreds of miles away. You can do this over multiplayer, and by using a voice chat software you can feel like they are right next to you. That being said, finding a good VoIP software for this purpose can be tough given all of the many options that are available. Here are some great options that you can look into.

#1 Discord

This is a free app that is available over a variety of mediums. You can use this on your computer, both Mac and Windows, as well as in Android or iOS app form under the same name as the software. There is also a browser based app with reduced functionality but a more streamlined experience that loads more quickly and places less strain on your processor.

What We Liked

Discord’s primary draw is the fact that you can create a server for you and your friends. This server will be hosted by Discord and give you complete privacy with your friends. This works as a kind of social media as well, since you can join other people’s servers and socialize with them.

This social network feature is further boosted by the public servers which anyone can join. You can essentially make friends on this network, friends that would be into the same games you are into. This can help you find a gaming community that you share interests with and give your social life a bit of a bump.

What We Didn’t Like

While it is convenient that Discord hosts so many servers for people, a centralized location can be a real nuisance for people looking for uninterrupted connectivity. A technical issue at Discord could result in all of the servers going down simultaneously.

#2 Mumble

Mumble is an open source software that can be used on pretty much any operating system. This includes Linux which is obviously a big plus. If you want to use this software on Android you can download a third party app called Plumble. iOS also has an app for this software called Mumblefy which basically works the same way as Mumble. This software also offers a basic text messaging feature.

What We Liked

Lag isn’t just a problem when it comes to gameplay, it can be a serious issue for people trying to talk to one another during gameplay as well. This is called latency, and Mumble is actually pretty good at dealing with it. It manages latency very well allowing you to talk to your teammates in real time.

This makes Mumble perfect for high intensity gaming that requires you to communicate efficiently with teammates and tell them what to do. All in all it makes for a smooth and frustration free gaming experience. You won’t have to deal with gamer rage with this software!

What We Didn’t Like

For all its benefits, Mumble does not have a very good interface. In fact, the interface might make the software tough to start using in the first place. Also, you can only connect to a single server at any given point in time which makes it less useful for socializing than Discord.

#3 TeamSpeak

In a lot of ways, this voice chat software offers a lot of the same features as Mumble. However, it has a different user interface and lacks some of the features that Mumble offers. It is available on Windows, Mac OS, Android and iOS as well as Linux based operating systems.

What We Liked

Unlike Mumble, TeamSpeak has an excellent user interface. It is intuitive, simple and very easy to navigate. It also grants control over its servers to certain users based on whether they are self hosting or not. This makes TeamSpeak a much more free speech oriented community, which is something gamers are obviously very passionate about. The private servers also make for a safer gaming experience because problems at TeamSpeak won’t cause problems in every individual game.

What We Didn’t Like

While the user interface is easier than Mumble’s, TeamSpeak fails in an area that Mumble succeeds in very well: latency. Your friends would be hearing you seconds after you talk which can make or break certain kinds of games. Also, you can only to connect to one server which will prevent you from creating a gaming community for yourself the way you would with Discord.

#4 Hangouts

This voice chat software offered by Google offers a lot of unique features. It is not traditionally thought of in the gaming community because it is not a purpose built app but it still offers a lot of features that the gaming community can benefit from. Hence, it warranted at least an honorable mention which is what it is getting here.

What We Liked

Hangouts was designed to let you talk to multiple people at once. You can have a group call with up to ten participants in it which will definitely help you keep your gaming experience going with as much fun as possible. There is also an excellent chat feature that keeps the communication going, and of course Hangouts makes it pretty easy to send media and files to other people that you are playing with.

What We Didn’t Like

There are no servers or communities that you can join. Your friends can join a hangout together and talk as much as you want but you will be restricted to your own group for the most part. Hangouts also often lags because it was not meant for rapid communication. It is a good free option but these are things that you will have to keep in mind while you are using this software for your gaming communication needs.

#5 Skype

Everyone has used Skype at some point, and over the years this voice chat software developed a torrid reputation among users. It has started making a comeback in recent times, though, which is an important part of why it is being included in this list. Skype does offer some benefits, especially if you want something traditional and recognizable.

What We Liked

Skype has a comfortable and familiar interface and does the job well for single person communication. If there is a friend you have been missing and you want to play some video games with them, Skype can definitely help you stay in touch. Skype’s messaging system is also adequate, and you can create group chats that will stay active while you are playing your games.

What We Didn’t Like

Skype often has terrible voice quality, and you are definitely going to face connectivity issues every now and then. Skype is also prone to bugginess and glitchiness, so you should be prepared to lose touch with your friends in the middle of a game. It definitely isn’t suitable for high octane gaming but if you are just having a chat with a friend while both you play a video game Skype isn’t a bad option at all, and can sometimes be rather pleasant to use.

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